Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Rich Mindset vs Poor Mindset

The concept of becoming rich or poor is simply the mindset of any individuals. One simple distinction between rich people and poor people is how the way they think or what we called our “mindset”. Our mindset influences our respond to circumstances and possibilities that we can encounter. Usually, rich people constantly show rich attitude and abundant mentality however poor people constantly show poor attitude and poor mentality. Anyone who have a desire and dream to be rich must follow the rich way of thinking or their mindset. If you are wondering or thinking for an easy road to become rich, the best solution for that is to do what the rich people do and think while avoid what poor people do and think.

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Here are some dissimilarity between the mindset of the rich people and poor people.

1.    Rich People are not afraid of losing. The more they take the risks, the more chances of losing while poor people are afraid to take risks.
2.    Rich People have big dreams and they work for it while Poor People always do wishful thinking.
3.    Rich People believe that learning is a habit while Poor people they learn everything.
4.    Rich People are not afraid of rejection and discouragement while Poor People avoid it.
5.    Rich People make things happen while Poor People wait for things to happen.
6.    Rich People make money and make excuses while Poor People make a lot of excuses that resulted in never making money.
7.    Rich People they let money work for them while Poor People they work for money.

Always keep in mind that most of us generate our thought from inside to outside; meaning our thinking directs, and reality follows. Our reality is simply the things we want that we see in our mind’s eye. When you have a rich mindset, you will probably have an abundant life; not only with money, as well in health, faith, and relationship. While those people who have a poor mindset, these people will live in remorse, doubt, hopelessness and wishful thinking.

Always keep in mind that the most important thing is that you merely understand how you identified your own opportunity. Now! Look inside yourself and ask these questions. Is this the life you want? Struggling and still having a poor mindset then maybe it’s time for a change. Change the way you think! Change your mind set. Not next month,
Not next week but today. Start now!

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