Thursday, June 30, 2011

Get Motivated By Listening To Your Favorite Music

Each person has its favorite music to play. Some people love Classical music, some want Trance music, and some want Rock music. Based on my experience, Different types of music play a big role in our life! Music makes us more in love when you listen to your favorite love songs. It can make you laugh and cry sometimes. It can make you Dance or even gave you Encouragement to do more. Should I say Music can motivates us in different aspects of our lives?
Ever notice yourself finishing task with your type of music? And compare it working without any sounds, Find it boring or sleepy?
For me, I can finish more tasks listening to my favorite music likes when you are cleaning your house play a Dance music or Rock music. It is more fun when you are dancing or banging your heads while doing household chores.
While in the office, listening to music really helps to do the paper works while tapping your feet and are nagging your head unconsciously.
In your room, while thinking your girl friend, boy friend or even your loved ones and suddenly your favorite love song played. It brings back happiness and good memories that you shared with them that makes you smile and get more in love.
In boxing gym, doing work out or some punches with a music likes "eye of the tiger" by Survivor, makes you feel like Rocky Balboa or even Manny Pacquiao.
When I am feeling down I listen to motivational music likes "when you believe" by Mariah Carey, it recharges me and makes me believe in myself that gets me going, to do more with my dreams in life.
Music gives us heat in our heart and awakens our body and soul. So, guys make your daily life with your favorite kinds of music. Go ahead try it and get motivated.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Power Of Mind

"Anything the mind can conceive, the body can achieve" by Napoleon Hill

This is the quotes that I always say whenever I am into challenges, I also say this when I am down and when I want to achieve some of my goals. I believe success starts with a proper mindset! Success in term of relationship, attitude, or financial. If you think you are a failure you will become a failure. If you think you will be successful then it will happen. Our mind is like a garden either you plant trees, vegetable, plants etc. or its either you put junks on it. If you feed your mind with a positive information you will get positive results but, if you feed it with negative information you get yourself the negative results!

We have the two kinds of mind the conscious and the sub-conscious. What is the difference within the two? The conscious mind works every time we write, read, doing something, listening to music, driving etc., using this brain we develop our skills in anything that we want to learn. The majority of us is concentrates in developing their conscious mind. But let me ask you have you encounter a person with a talent or skills but not applying it! I want to tell you a story of mine I got a friend with a talent in singing and playing a musical instrument. I know he got potentials and really can compete. I asked him "why do not you join in a really show contest which makes way to show their talent" He told me "I'm shy and I might lose".

See! What the mind can conceive the body can achieve! My friend did not develop his sub-conscious mind, resulting to give him the fear to try, and never realizing that the time he decided not to try he already a loser. Because of his sub-conscious mind hinders it! That is why his body or actions follow. The sub-conscious mind controls our emotions, fears and doubts it generates 12,000 words in an hour but most of them are negative! Try to stay inside the house and do not do anything your sub-conscious will work negatively! But it depends if you develop your sub-conscious mind to think positively! And then your body will react to what you think is will be done!!!

Bernard Hopkins (professional boxer) says, whenever you loss in a game, it's just that your opponent just works harder than you. So, I guess excellence is just a matter of hard work and discipline. If you want to be successful in life you have to defeat your greatest enemy, Yourself!