Thursday, October 18, 2012

Failure is a Success if you learn from it

Once I begin to be in business I promise personally that I would certainly not be a failure. Imagine, what other will say if I do not succeed. Remembering the first decision I made on my first business venture. It made me laughed of how inexperience I had been. All of us whenever someone failed at something, we really feel disappointed. Our belief that we can do everything goes down and we all escape. Doubting, fear of rejection and the fear to try again comes in to play. This is simply our self-protection to the pain we had. Rather than entertaining the idea that you failed and you cannot do anything about it. You should see it as a possibility to retool your thoughts and improve your own course of action, to make a brand new start.
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Analyzing and Adjusting things after a Failure


Being unsuccessful at something indicates that your previous strategy is designed for failure. So, start again! Improve your point of view! Analyze where you been unsuccessful. What are the things you can improve and can be adjusted? You will learn that the majority of your plans are unproductive and many your main actions were ineffective. Failure doesn’t mean giving up but to try again. Try again to accomplish your goal. As long as there is a chance, make use of it.

Overcome The Fear of Failure


The loss of almost everything is actually frightening however; you need to conquer this kind of fear in order to achieve success. The best way to achieve this, simply reassess how you perceive reality. The loss of almost everything indicates that there is no reason to give up and you have to move forward. This is certainly your current opportunity to be ambitious, to try and do those things you afraid. As you move forward you will not end up fearful and afraid to try new things, since you already experienced that the hardest thing that might take place is a brand new start. The best solutions to begin again is to  make sure that you will not do the things you do before you failed and to avoid those very same mistake again.

In my opinion, Failure is a success if you learn from it but if you ran from it you will really be a failure. I’ve learn that to achieve success, one must experience failure. After all there is absolutely no shortcut in achieving success without having face failure. Therefore persevere and confront your fear of failure.

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