Thursday, October 6, 2011

Train your Children to be a Young Entrepreneur

Saving or making money is really the one of the most important things for us people, especially when you have a family that depends on you. This is the right timing to train our kids how to save and make money. Let us make them realize the importance and value of money at a younger age; how to spend and use the money in the right way. In this way, they will become prepared in making their lives better as they become adults. Make some simple ways of making and saving money that they will soon get used to it as they grow up as a young entrepreneur, like having a money jar. Instead of buying things that are not useful, why not condition their mind to save money first for their future needs like nice bags, nice shoes, nice dress and other school projects. 
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Developing them to become a Young Entrepreneur

We will only be a child once; it is a normal thing that a child is fond of buying toys. Remind them to take care of their toys and soon teach them how to buy and sell their old toys to make money. In this way, they will also enjoy their childhood and the good thing there is at the early age they start using their mind and developing their skills in making money. Like most successful Chinese entrepreneurs, during vacation they train their child to open up a stall to sell some stuff for them to become a young entrepreneur. Let them experience this kind of activities, it will develop their knowledge and giving drive to start having their own business at a younger age. You can also encourage them to make money on school to raise funds for their field trip or other school activities. My wife has a nephew named Nico, he makes money at school by selling candies and chocolate bars to his classmates.

Learning Experience as a Young Entrepreneur

I remember when I was a child, I that started to make money when I grade school. I was on my vacation in my mother’s province. One of my aunties is selling some “banana cue”. It is a Filipino street food that is similar to barbecue but the difference is instead of meat they used banana. I volunteer to sell those “banana cue” with a deal that she will give me some commission. That is the start where I always think of how to make money in my free time and dream of becoming a young entrepreneur. Before we can save money, we must first think on how to make money. It is a good idea to let our kids to experience and have more mistakes in making money, for this will give them a good learning experience which will make them to become financially free as they become adult and a good parent. 

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